As parents*, we all want the most beautiful and harmonious life possible for our children, right?

That’s why I created my company Little Light: to provide a gentle, engaging, fun way for kids and their parents to understand themselves and each other at a deeper level. To develop a lasting bond and a sense of ease and confidence that will support them throughout their lives.

This is no different for children with hearing loss, which includes my son and your child(ren). I decided to develop this program focused on children with a hearing loss because it’s a topic really close to my heart as my 4 year old son Aidan has prelingual bilateral sensorineural moderate-profound hearing loss.

And here’s the premise of The Sound of a Smile, my latest Yoga Therapy Online Program (which I’m inviting you to try for free today):

There is no reason why a child with hearing loss can’t enjoy every second of the day and grow into a confident, happy and empathetic adult.

However, research shows that children with hearing loss frequently experience some difficulties in the following areas:

FINE AND GROSS MOTOR SKILLS: the ability to create movements, fine motor skills are involved in small movements such as drawing and writing; we use gross motor skills when we run and swim.

BALANCE: the ability to not fall over when doing activities such as standing on one leg, biking without training wheels or ice skating.

SELF-ESTEEM: the way we feel about ourselves. Self-esteem can have a big impact on how a person experiences social and academic situations.

FOCUS AND ATTENTION: the ability to stay on task. This gets harder when we’re tired or when other sounds or sights are competing for our attention.

READING SKILLS AND EYE STRENGTH: the ability to keep your eyes fixed on the right spot on the page. Even if you know your phonics and your blending, if your gaze is unstable and “dances all over the page”, reading will be more challenging. 

The truth is that there is not a lot of information widely available about these topics and their link to hearing loss, so as parents we might unknowingly underestimate these issues, or ignore them, or maybe experience them as unavoidable.

But the good news is that with a little bit of extra care and gentle, playful support, your child can improve in all of these domains. Time is key, though. When approaching these difficulties between the ages of 4 and 8, you and your child will have the best chance of success.

And that’s where my specific Yoga Therapy program comes in.

The Sound of a Smile is created to be a fun, meaningful journey for both parents and children:

- Thanks to dedicated video-lessons, parents will be given the tools to better understand how to engage, play and help their kids in the best way.

- Children will have access to short and playful yoga sessions where I will be interacting directly with them through games and fun poses. These videos will follow step by step the same program as the video-lessons for parents.

Each kid is different and for this reason I couldn’t think of a better way to make sure that “The Sound of a Smile” can truly help your child than letting you have a taste of it.

Based on my experience as mental health researcher and yoga and movement therapist for children I have tried to create a program that will work for most children. I designed it in a simple, non-threatening way so that your child will look forward to each session.

That’s why you can now sign up for free for an introductory set of four poses where we will start practicing in these areas: balance, focus and body awareness, eye strength and self-esteem. Just by practicing these 4 simple exercises consistently your kid will have the opportunity to feel calmer and more confident, focused and balanced. Ready to play?
Try the FREE sample lessons
Each kid is different and for this reason I couldn’t think of a better way to make sure that “The Sound of a Smile” can truly help your child than letting you have a taste of it.

Lessons included in this Free Sample:

  • 01
    Instructions for this course
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    • Yoga for kids with hearing loss, how does that help my child?
    • Before we begin...
    • The 2 rules of yoga explained to your child
  • 02
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    • Balance: tree pose - explained
    • Balance: tree pose for your child
  • 03
    Focus and body awareness
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    • Focus and body awareness: candle breath - explained
    • Focus and body awareness: candles on a cake for your child
  • 04
    Eye strength
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    • Eye strength: cat pose - explained
    • Eye strength: cat pose for your child
  • 05
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    • Self-esteem: surfer pose - explained
    • Self-esteem: surfer pose for your child
  • 06
    Next Steps...
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    • Great first steps!
    • Before you go...